• SINGLE Axle £130.00 

  • TWIN Axle     £150.00

(These prices includes the one shot nuts, greases, cleaners, sundries etc...)

Alko 32mm or 36 mm one shot nuts are replaced on every service.

BPW 32mm, 36mm or 41mm one shot nuts are replaced on every service.

Chassis running gear

Chassis Service Chassis

Condition & attachment

Drawbar Checks

Road wheels & tyres 

Brakes clean & adjust 

Suspension assemblies 

Jockey wheel check 

Breakaway cable & clip check 

Corner steadies greasing 

Bodywork, trims & seals 

External door hinges & lock 

Road lights inspection 12N &12S cables & plugs 

Coupling head & safety catch 

Spare wheel carrier

A report will be given to you at the end of the service or emailed to you.

This service doesn't include additional parts or services only the one shot nuts.