Prime Caravan Care Ltd - Term of Business:

  • Payment is due strictly on completion of the work carried out, unless prior arrangement has been agreed.
  • Payment to be made by Cash or FBT to the account on the invoice.
  • Prior to work being carried out, a full visual inspection will be carried out internally and externally, with notes of any damage, stains etc. being recorded and photographed as necessary to ensure the protection of the owner and the engineer, the customers signature of agreement will be required.
  • Servicing will be carried out to the highest standard to ensure the safety of the owner.
  • All workmanship is warranted for six months providing NO unauthorised changes or modifications are made which affect the already completed work.
  • Where, during a service, a fault is found which is beyond the normal service schedule, the owner’s permission to repair or replace will be obtained before such work is carried out, an excess charge for the time and parts will be made.

All parts used will be of genuine manufacturers specification, if applicable to suppliers may use non OEM parts which may only be available. i.e.(discontinued OEM parts).  ​

Additional Information

On the day of your service or call out: 

  • Please ensure the engineer is able to gain access to the caravan/motorhome and all keys are available for security devices etc. 
  • It is 'YOUR' responsibility, to ensure that the Caravan/Motorhome/Trailer,  if servicing at a storage compound,  the storage company is aware that we will be carrying out services on your vehicle on the said date & time, otherwise the booked service charge plus call out fee will be applied. (See rates below).
  • It is the owners responsibility to ensure that access is available at the time and date agreed for servicing, and that there is  sufficient clearance of a minimum of 1 meter, to access the wheels and external equipment and that the interior of the vehicle is clear of obstructions, to gain access to the internal equipment to service, lockers should be relatively empty to enable damp survey access. A charge for non cleared vehicles will be charged at our half hour rate.
  • The toilet cassette "MUST" be empty and cleaned, as the toilet can not be inspected.
  • Special order parts are not refundable and will include carriage costs as appropriate, you may be requested to pay for certain costly parts/appliances in advance.
  • All wheels will be torqued to the correct setting and customer will be asked to sign that this was done before engineer leaves.
  • On completion of works all appliances will be turned off from source.    


  • Initial call out £50.00. This includes the first half hour (1/2hr) from time of arrival. (up to 30 miles, an additional mileage rate of 0.45p per mile will be applied).
  • Rates after the initial first half hour (1/2 hr), is charged at £20.00 for every half hour.
  • If the engineer is on site longer than 2 hours, each hour after the 2 hours will be charged at £45.00 ph.
  • Payments will be agreed at the time of commencing the call out.
  • Weekends & Bank holidays - The first half hour (1/2hr) of the call out has a set fee £60.00, after the first half (1/2 hr) hour a charge of £30 for every half hour the engineer is on site.


  • We offer ESTIMATE'S on or for any work, requested to be carried out by us. We will offer an ESTIMATE for the work and materials at cost price, for this reason:  the time to complete and the additional cost of materials may increase or decrease. We charge a £25.00 fee for this service and when the repairs are carried out by us, we will refund the amount on completion of the work. (where applicable).
  • Any work carried out by us will carry a 6 or 12 month guarantee from the date stated on the final invoice. 
  • The guarantee will only be honoured at the end of the completed work, which has been undertaken by us. 

REVISED February 2020

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